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Here's Why It's Better To Refinish Your Tub In Raleigh NC

If you can buy a new bathtub for about the same cost as getting one refinished, why not just buy a new one?

You can buy a brand new bathtub for as little as $300, but you can't replace it for that same $300. Why? Because houses are built around bathtubs and the most expensive part of replacing a bathtub is definitely not the cost of the new tub.

As a matter of fact, most of the expense of replacement is initially hidden. What are some of these hidden costs?

Bathtub removal and disposal costs

Can you physically remove the tub yourself, get it out of the bathroom or through the front door? If you can, how will you dispose of it?

How much does bathtub refinishing cost?

Angie's List members nationally reported prices ranging from $375 to $525, with an average of $452. reports a slightly broader price range of $300 to $600.

Even if you do get that far in the process of removing the tub, part of the bathroom tile will surely be torn away, and the plumbing for the new tub may not fit the old plumbing fixtures at all.

So now you may need to hire a plumber and a tile man as well.

That's how you could easily end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing a $300 bathtub.

Article Source: Angies List

If you live in the Raleigh area then  click here if you would like to know more about refinishing your bathtub.

More Tips to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

A great way to save money and make sure everything blends well is with a combination unit. You can find all in one bathroom sinks and cabinets. They are offered in all sizes and you can have them customised if you can't get what you are looking for due to a unique size. These are very popular because they are so easy to install. They look amazing and professional.

Even by choosing the simplest and most affordable paint you can totally change the look and feel of your bathroom. While bold colors are stunning, creative paint treatments can also do wonders in small spaces. Paint is a very easy update to perform, so don't hold back and play around as much as you want.

Fully recessed sinks are a great option for those with minimal space, and can be purchased in a range of materials and styles. Taps can either be at the back of the sink (their most conventional position) or can sit at the side for a more alternative look.

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There are unlimited colours to pick from too with bathroom basins so take your time to find one you really like. There is no right or wrong choice, so find something that works well for the look you wish to portray in your bathroom. This is a change that can be part of a huge remodel or it can be the only part of that room you plan to change.

If you will be using the same space, you need to look for small bathroom sinks that fit that given space. It should fit snug - not too tight but no movement either. Make sure you insert it correctly and hook up the water lines as directed. While this is a simple project to take on, you may feel more confident hiring a professional to complete it for you. They cost is often reasonable.

People who love fashionable organization and convenient layouts should find the unified design quite appealing. Examples of this include concealed storage compartments that can be disguised as end tables, as well as concealed commodes that appear as nothing more than a small table. The experience of this layout will be nothing like you have ever seen before, with the exception of science-fiction tales.

It is going to look like it was professionally installed though due to the way in which bathroom sink units are designed. Don't be surprised if you get tons of compliments from friends and family when they visit your home. If you used to be embarrassed by your small bathroom, now you can feel better about what it has to offer! For more options take a look at what Bathroom Makeover Wizards has to offer.

Your expectation from a master bathroom remodeling could be a spa-like retreat worthy of a cover page spot on a designer's magazine or a more basic design covering the essential requirements. Although it may be tempting to have an open budget which enables you to splurge as you please, often is the case that you are restricted and thus, preparing a budget would help you achieve your goals in the least stressful manner.

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