Sink Refinishing Guide

How a sink looks after a makeoverWhile sinks can be durable and long-lasting, they aren't immune from eventual damage or wear and tear from old age. If you've noticed your home's sinks don't look as beautiful as they once did, then sink refinishing is a service well worth considering. This can restore the beauty of even the oldest sink and offer an updated look in bathrooms, the laundry room, or your kitchen.

What is Sink Refinishing?

As an alternative to replacing a sink completely, refinishing can restore the beauty of it with a fresh new coat of enamel on the surface. It's an excellent way of covering up blemishes and stains that otherwise wouldn't be eliminated with traditional cleaning methods. In fact, reglazing a sink can make it look like new again for a fraction of the cost of a new sink.

How Does It Work?

1. Preparation

The process of refinishing begins with cleaning it with traditional cleaning supplies. Additionally, any silicone caulk present must be removed in order to achieve a smooth and seamless surface with the new coating. After this, the sink must be cleaned with an acid paste before it's degreased and dried thoroughly.

2. Priming

An epoxy primer must next be sprayed or painted onto the surface of the sink. The finish should be seamless without any drips, blemishes, or streaks. The primer will then need to completely dry before moving on.

3. Reglazing

Using the same techniques you used to prime the sink, apply the acrylic-urethane resin to the surface. Once this is finished, apply a polyurethane coating to finish. After this, you can reapply caulk to protect the sink from water leaks when in use.

What are the Benefits of Sink Refinishing?

There are many advantages of reglazing a sink, with the biggest being the fact that you achieve the look of one that's brand new. The fresh coating will offer a beautiful luster because it will more effectively cover up cracks, stains, chips, and blemishes. In addition to this, it's incredibly affordable so you won't have to spend hundreds like you would on a brand new sink. The process of refinishing is also fairly straight-forward and can be completed quickly without any major construction to your home.

Whether you're investing in new countertops or are just tired of deteriorating sinks that take away from the look of your home, reglazing is a wonderful choice. It will breathe new life into your sinks and save you quite a bit of money that you can use to update other areas of your home.

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