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This is What Bathtub Refinishing Entails in Orlando FL

Having your bathtub refinished involves a lot more than simply having it painted. The refinishing process applies a completely new surface to make your old tub look just like new.

The surfaces of porcelain, fiberglass and enamel tubs are non-porous which make it extremely difficult to attach any new coating. Refinishing requires the old tub to be professionally cleaned and prepared before applying a specially formulated coating.

When done properly, this reglazing process will make your old tub look like new and extend the life of your tub for years to come.

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Some Bathroom Makeover Tips

There are many different ways you can do a small bathroom remodel and make it look more functional, easier to move around in, and look larger. The first step is to determine the specific areas that might need to be updated or changed. Then you have to consider your budget because even doing a small bathroom remodel can be expensive.

To protect your toddler from burning themselves while bathing, you can install anti scald devices in your shower heads and faucets so as to control the temperature of the water.

Express your kid's mood and personality with vibrant paints, cool posters and other fun accessories. Keeping the color of your tiles and cabinetry neutral is a good idea since a lot of color would make your child's bathroom look gaudy. A better way to jazz up the space is a careful selection of paints and accessories.

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There are other ways of adding space to the bathroom such as installing wall cabinets, building custom cabinets below the sink, etc. You can build a walk-in closet adjacent to the bathroom and store your belongings in the closet. Remember that white colored walls and tiles can create an illusion of space.

When you want to install a countertop in your master bathroom, consider granite. It is the hero of the countertops materials. It is durable, stain-resistant, attractive and easy-to-maintain. Although expensive, it proves to be an ideal choice in the long run. If you find it out of your budget, consider granite tiles because they are sold at cheap rates.

The walls and flooring might be a variety of materials, depending on your style and budget. Marble, ceramic, and granite surfaces are popular choices. Vinyl or cement flooring would be suitable options that are both durable and resistant to slipping. Lighting must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Task lighting should provide a minimum of 4 watts of incandescent lighting for every square foot.

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