Stamford CT | Bathtub Refinishing, Reglazing & Resurfacing Quotes

Stamford CT | Bathtub Refinishing, Reglazing & Resurfacing Quotes

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Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing | Stamford

Refinishing your old bathtub versus replacing it with a new one is a no brainer. Firstly it will save you a lot of your hard earned money and has all the benefits of a new tub.

Here are some more of the benefits:

* Resurfacing your bathtub can be completed in one working day.
* Very little mess and no old tub to dispose.
* Can repair rust marks, scratches, chips and small holes.
* Many years of use if simple cleaning routine is used.
* Can change the color of your tub if required.

Bathtub Makeover Wizards uses trusted local contractors to ensure you get a great job done.

Please go to if you live near Stamford CT and would like to learn more about resurfacing your bathtub.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tips Courtesy of Bathtub Refinishing Stamford CT

Over at Bathtub Makeover Wizards you can get all the information you need  about bathtub restoration in Stamford CT.

In case you will only have one bathroom renovated and as such, you will be staying at home instead of moving to another apartment during the duration of the renovation, consider moving your personal effects and belongings to the bathroom that you will be primarily using or in another part of your home unaffected by any work.

Before any work starts, pack all the bathroom essentials you need and store these in one convenient location. By doing so, you avoid disturbing the workers.

You will also want to add some splash of colour. When using a lot of light colors and your bathroom items are all white, you find that the space can start to look clinical.

While minimalistic design is a top choice, adding a few splashes of color and brighten your room. Consider bright colored towels or a colorful blind, something to take the eye away from the light and minimalist overall design.

Bathroom remodeling projects are a great time to adapt your bathroom for anyone in your home who has mobility or balance issues.

Grab bars can be installed that blend in with the rest of the bathroom decor, and a bench or chair can be added into the shower or tub to making bathing easier and safer. Shower seats also come in a variety of colors and styles. Some can be built right into the side of the tub and others can fold up and down so they do not take up as much space.

If you think doubling up your sink can cramp up the bathroom even more, think again. If you have two sinks, you can have the opportunity to have double storage space with the use of two bathroom vanities.

This works especially well for shared bathrooms. This way each one of you can have their own personal space.

When brushing your teeth or taking a shower, you should feel like you've room to move around. Many homes have a standard 8' by 5' bathroom; this size does not allow for a variety of layout or design options.

If your family has grown and the bathroom feels somewhat cramped, your bathroom needs an update and to consider updating the current space with new features that optimize the function and storage.

Depending on the severity of a senior or handicapped person's condition, a wheelchair-accessible unit's primary form of entry varies to make it easy for wheelchair-bound users.

Some models require the user to have some control of their legs to be accessed, and others don't. An example would be walk-in tubs that support lateral access - this is where the senior lifts himself up with his hands and simply slides onto the tub seat laterally. The seat of these models sits right behind the door to make lateral access that much easier.

Lighting remains to be one of the most important elements in a bathroom. Choose the right lighting fixtures and bulbs that are suitable for the bathroom settings to set the mood and at the same time eliminate damage.

At the vanity, consider scone lighting that will fetch you even lighting for your face. To get rid of shadows that are not that flattering, consider having the lights installed at eye level.

If it is possible to have some dim lights, then consider them too, so you can enjoy those log relaxing baths, but also have bright lights you can use when applying makeup or shaving. The overall lighting will give a large effect to small bathrooms so make sure you make all the right choices. Bathroom lighting is all about placement and correct intensity for the right places. Let your remodeling contractor assist you in making all the right lighting decisions.

Another way to give your master bath a spacious look is to use light colors on the flooring. Choose tiling in colors of tan, soft gray, or powder blue. If you want to add drama to your master bath remodeling project you can use white and black checkered tiles.

Make sure that you are not using mini tiles for the floor because it can give a cramped look to the bathroom. You can use these mini tiles on the walls.

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