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Fully recessed sinks are a great option for those with minimal space, and can be purchased in a range of materials and styles. Taps can either be at the back of the sink (their most conventional position) or can sit at the side for a more alternative look.

Your counter top sink will also need a waste solution that will easily connect up to the rest of your plumbing, so make sure you do some research on which is the best option for your sink.

A composite of acrylic polymer and bauxite ore component produced by Du Pont as a solid surface for kitchen and bath surfaces, it is a high end product requiring a company approved fabricator for installation. Gaining popularity in India lately, it comes with a ten year warranty and lends itself beautifully specially to curvatures in design.

However, not all families and houses have this type of bathroom since it's not the standard type that every family must have. On the other hand, despite being small in terms of space, you can easily make this small bathroom attractive and interesting through putting up unique designs, materials, and decor. So how can you decorate your half bath to make it comfortable and functional at the same time?

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It helps if you already know which brand, model or design you like. That will help narrow down the available options and let you drill down into details about each. A comparison shopping service can help you contrast the pros and cons of each model and narrow down your selection.

The Ranch Shower. This type of bathroom shower idea is best for mid-sized bathrooms where wooden doors and an under mount sink attached with dark wooden cabinets on its bottom. While the countertops are made of granite, there will also be a clove shower and a two-piece toilet.

If you are going to stay home while your bathrooms are being renovated, you may want to set up some measure of privacy while the workers are in your property. You can start by making the necessary adjustments. For example, do all your private business earlier prior to the arrival of the workers or after they have left. You can also consider putting up some dividers or folding screens to demarcate the work and private areas in your home.

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