How Refinishing Helps Realtors

Realtors refurbish tubs for more sales

When it comes to selling a home, Realtors have a long checklist of things that need to be done to make the property appeal to buyers. Attention to the kitchen is important because it's one of the most used rooms in the home, but the bathrooms should not be ignored. These rooms are also major selling points in any property and should be attractive, well-maintained, and designed to appeal to all tastes to increase chances of a quick sale. This is why an old bathtub should be refinished before it's placed on the market and shown to prospective buyers.

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Refinishing achieves the look of a new tub by applying a brand new coating of material to the surface. When done properly, this will cover up any light damage or stains that were previously ruining the look of the tub.

What are the Advantages of Refinishing?

For a homeowner, the biggest advantage of refinishing, which is also known as reglazing, is having a more attractive bathroom and nicer looking bathtub. This can make the entire space look cleaner, more pulled-together, and updated as well. For most, it can simply help them love their home more so they enjoy their time in it every day.

For a real estate agent, the advantages of reglazing a bathtub are a bit different. This is because the motivations of a Realtor are unique from those of a homeowner, as they want to sell the home quickly and to the right buyer. In order to make the property more appealing they may do updates throughout the space, but the tubs in particular should look nice so the home looks like it was well taken care of. Here's how refinishing the bathtubs help these professionals:

- Increased Value

Old and beat down tubs can detract from the overall look of a home and therefore make a buyer think that it's worth less. They might consider old tubs as a future cost because of replacement. By taking the time to reglaze, the tubs and therefore rest of the bathroom look much cleaner and newer. If the buyer isn't worried that they'll have to pay in a few months to replace this, they may be willing to offer a higher price for the home.

- Better Appearance

When it comes to selling a home, appearances are everything. Even if the rest of the home looks nice, a bathroom with an old-looking or damaged tub can make them go for a different property. Reglazing is a quick and easy project that can minimize chances of this happening. It will brighten the look of an entire bathroom and make the tub look like it was just installed.

- Savings to Go Towards Other Updates

Replacing a bathtub will easily cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If a real estate agent doesn't have a lot of money to spend on the overall improvement of the home, this replacement could mean not being able to do other things. Fortunately because reglazing is affordable, this can free up money to do other updates that could potentially help increase the odds of a sale.

- Quicker List Time

If a real estate agent were to replace a bath tub, this could take days or even weeks because they'd have to remove it, buy the new tub, and then install it. The time it takes to reglaze is far less and will only take a trained professional a few hours at most. Once the coating on the top has dried, the bathtub will be ready to be used or can simply be put on display for guests to look at as they walk through the home.

Reglazing for a More Beautiful Home

Although a bathtub that's riddled with stains or wear and tear can first make a home look older and not well taken care of, it doesn't have to remain this way. Reglazing is an affordable and easy solution that can resolve these issues without the work of a major construction project. For real estate agents in particular, it's a wonderful way to streamline the improvement of a home so it can get on the market and then sell as quickly as possible. With the results being long-lasting as well, it's a great alternative to temporary fixes that would leave the new buyers upset in the future.

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