Bathtub Resurfacing Columbia SC – Vintage Freestanding Cast Iron Clawfoot Costs

Bathtub Resurfacing Columbia SC - Vintage Freestanding Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs

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Refinishing Bathtubs in Cold Weather in Columbia SC

It is preferable not to resurface your bathtub in cold weather conditions. However, you can have your tub refinished in cold weather providing your contractor is aware of the affects caused by lower temperatures and knows how to handle them.

Colder weather thickens the coating materials and this reduces the flow and can effect the quality of the finish. An experienced contractor will ensure the coating materials are at the right temperature by either turning up the heating or applying gentle heat to the coating material.

In very cold conditions (below 63°) it is not recommended to reglaze your tub as moisture can form on the surface and cause major problems with the quality of finish. Additionally, curing times will take longer in colder conditions.

If you live near Columbia SC then  visit this website if you would like to know more about the costs of refinishing your clawfoot bathtub.

More Ideas to Give Your Bathroom a Facelift

Everyone enjoys reading a magazine or a book while relaxing in the tub or on the toilet. If you have a ton of magazine littering in the water closet, you might want to consider buying a magazine rack to keep all of those in a well-organized space. You can even have it attached to walls or doors, thus making room for other bathroom organizers or necessities.

It is important to explore the amount of space you have when you look at new bathroom sink units. Even if you don't have much to work with, you can maximise that amount of space by going with a corner option or one that is custom sized to fit that area. You don't want to struggle every time you attempt to use it.

If you have a color scheme of the flooring light you can then use dark-colored accessories like murals and towels to add some color. Using mirrors is not only functional but it also reflects the light so your bathroom looks larger. Strategically place the mirrors on the walls and above your sink to create more light in the room. On the door of your bathroom you could install stained glass on the door.


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If you happen to notice dark spots sprouting up in the corners, parts of the ceiling, directly above the bathtub, or shower, your bathroom needs an update. Keep in mind that not all leaks/drips are visible, so make sure you look for mildew and mold near the edges and corners of your shower and bathtub.

Sometimes mildew and mold problems can arise from minor issues like drips, leaks, faulty pipes, or improper ventilation which can be easily fixed by doing some minor repairs. However, in case you have a serious mildew or mold problem even after you have done the minor repairs, chances are that you have a much bigger problem to deal with. Make sure you deal with that problem immediately, before it gets worse. If the water gets into your bathroom floor, it could eventually end up compromising its' structural integrity.

Today, most people live in the heart of the city, and as a result most of them have small size bathrooms in their home. However, don't let this hinder you in creating a stylish space. There are plenty of bathroom accessories that can help you create great and minimalistic design for your bathroom theme. There are plenty of accessories such as tiles, sinks, vanities and wallpapers to make your bathroom more lavish and roomier than it really is.

Place the focal point of your bathroom on the ground to draw the eye down and then to the back of the room. With the right floor tile, you can make your visitors forget about the square footage. Putting a similar motif on the back window glass similar to that of the floor can make a cohesive bathroom design.

Check out other bathrooms - every remodeling project needs its inspiration. Look for other bathroom layouts and ideas on sites like Pinterest, specialized stores and consult with experts on the matter. That way you will know better what you want for your bathroom and how to get it.

Finally, you can find all you need to know about tub resurfacing over at Bathtub Makeover Wizards.

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