Bathtub Refinishing Louisville KY – Colored Porcelain, Enameled & Acrylic Prices

Bathtub Refinishing Louisville KY - Colored Porcelain, Enameled & Acrylic Tubs

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Refinishing Soiled Bathtubs & Other Bathroom Fixtures

The good news is that you definitely can restore a damaged tub or sink using the latest refinishing techniques  from a local Louisville KY contractor. This not only applies to the interior surface but also includes the exterior finish as well.

A professionally refinished tub will look as good as new and provide you with many years of additional use. People often ask if cracks, chips and rust marks can repaired? They certainly can and you also have the choice of matching the original color or matching it to fit in with your bathrooms current decor.

Finally you may want to replace your old faucets, plugs etc with matching fixtures. The end result is that you end up with great looking tub at a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a new one.

You can read more about refinishing your old bathtub in Louisville KY from Bathtub Makeover Wizards.

Some Ideas to Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Washing, putting on make-up, shaving, grooming, and taking medications are but a few of the daily routines in the bathroom. There is no other room in the home where optimizing both daylighting (natural outdoor light) and lighting (light bulbs) is more critical.

Another thing that you must take into consideration is the texture of the curtain. Kids are not attracted by elegant textures; they love cartoon designs. In simpler words, your kid may love to spend time in the bathroom when his shower curtain has Tom & Jerry, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Power Rangers or Walt Disney Cartoon characters. You can hit the bulls-eye by choosing a shower curtain design that has your kid's favorite cartoon character imprinted on it.

While some basins are designed to be placed on top of a unit, some are made to be mounted on wall. So be sure with what you want because a counter-top basin cannot be mounted on wall.

Remodeling: With so many designs and sizes to choose from, you can incorporate a model that enhances the overall appearance of your bathroom. An alcove installation of a walk-in tub, for example, gives you the freedom to decorate the surrounding walls of the unit and spice it up.


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There are more options today for cloakroom sinks than ever before, and that is very encouraging. With such a product, you don't have to forego hand washing which can compromise the battle against germs. You don't have to struggle with the space one will take up either. They are designed to fit in smaller spaces. They are efficient and they get the job done!

In addition to tubs, other surfaces such as basins can also be refinished, You can learn more about bathtub resurfacing in Louisville KY at bathtubmakeoverwizards.

When investing in cabinet design, part of the process with the bespoke woodworker should include the question of hardware; that is, pull handles, door knobs, and hinges.

Paint can make a huge difference as far renovating your bathroom goes. Therefore, you may want to use different colors in order to make your bathroom look more beautiful.

Even by choosing the simplest and most affordable paint you can totally change the look and feel of your bathroom. While bold colors are stunning, creative paint treatments can also do wonders in small spaces. Paint is a very easy update to perform, so don't hold back and play around as much as you want.

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