Bathtub Resurfacing Wilmington DE – Colored Porcelain, Enameled & Acrylic Costs

Bathtub Refinishing Wilmington DE - Colored Porcelain, Enameled & Acrylic Tubs

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Worried About Your Refinished Bathtub Peeling in Wilmington DE?

It's a fact that over time the coating on a bathtub may start to peel. However, this will not be a problem if the refinishing is applied by an experienced contractor.

Peeling most often occurs when refinishing is done as a do it yourself project. This usually happens due to poor preparation of the tub surface.

Poor maintenance and cleaning will cause premature wear and possible peeling. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products.

Chips and deep scratches can allow water to seep under the coating which will eventually lead to loosening the coating and peeling.

Poorly applied coatings and insufficient curing time can also lead to premature peeling.

Costs do vary in accordance with your requirements and the state of your soiled tub. Replacing a tub will cost between $1,200 and $5,000 while resurfacing will only be $400 to $800 on average.

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Selection of Bathroom Makeover Tips

The product should come with the fasteners necessary to secure them to the wall. Just make sure they will work well with that type of material on the wall. It is wise to evaluate all of this before you buy the product and to get any questions answered you may have.

There are quite a few styles, shapes, and even colours of small bathroom sinks for you to choose from. You can replace what you have with the same thing or you can change the look and even free up some space. knowing your options can help you to narrow it down and make up your mind.

Making structural modifications to the bathroom, rearranging fixtures, and adding high-end mobility aids can be costly, and many of the modifications are not DIY jobs. Be sure to work with a reliable, ADA-certified provider and installer of mobility equipment to help you create an accessible bathroom on a budget.


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If you are on a budget, hiring the services of an architect or designer can be an expensive move for you, but it is worth the price paid. But make sure you have a plan in place before hiring a professional.

Every mother loves to see her kids enjoying water and cleaning themselves in their bathtub. If your kids do not like to spend time in the bathtub, enhancing the design of their bathroom can act as a catalyst.

When it comes to kids' bathroom decor, shower curtain is an important element. Thousands of colors and patterns of bathroom curtains are available in the local markets and the online home furnishing stores. The key to success in choosing the best curtain design for your kid's bathroom is knowing their preferences.

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