Bathtub Resurfacing Jacksonville FL – Vintage Freestanding Cast Iron Clawfoot Costs

Bathtub Resurfacing Jacksonville FL - Vintage Freestanding Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs

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Do Tub Refinishers In Jacksonville FL Offer a Choice Of Custom Colors?

The good news is that you can match fiberglass, acrylic and porcelain bathtubs to a variety of popular colors. You can also custom match colors to your existing bathroom fixtures.

Depending on your specific requirements, costs for restoring your tub can range between $400 and $800 compared to replacement costs upwards of $1,200.

You should be aware that not all refinishing contractors offer the full range of color options and you should check with them first. Some contractors are tied to a specific paint supplier and are therefore limited to their range of colors.

Please keep in mind that custom color requirements can make quite a difference to your refinishing costs.

If you reside near Jacksonville FL then visit if you would like to know more about refinishing your bathtub.

Ides On How To Give Your Bathroom a Fresh New Look

Modernized bathroom designs are increasingly high-tech and luxurious. Although some modifications and accessories might be quite expensive, if you are willing to spend a little extra on cool appliances like built-in audio systems or a shower that can double as a steam room, then you are in for a new bathroom experience like no other. Some of the other modern trends are hands-free sensory showers and sensory bathroom sinks.

The Modern Shower. This shower uses the sophisticated idea of hardwood cabinets attached under an under mount sink while the wooden cabinets are of a medium colored wood and has a toilet and a shower area having flat panel cabinets and a rainfall shower head and the walls are painted in light brown colour.

What size you pick is going to determine how beautiful or ugly your place is going to look. So, consider how much space you have in your bathroom, cloakroom or other room and what washbasin size would be ideal for that space. Also, where you are going to place your basin. If you have a big bathroom, you have wide variety to choose from. You can opt for counter-top basins, pedestal basins. However, if you just have small space to place your basin then avoid counter-top. You can opt for wall-mounted basin, corner basin or other small basins which won't take much space.

Even though this tip might not sound very interesting to some but still it is an equally important tip. Keeping a notebook by your side will help you to record your creative ideas so that you can ponder over them in your spare time. It happens very often that we get a very creative idea but then after sometime it slips from our mind. Don't let this happen to you, keep a notebook with you and record everything that comes to your mind.


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If you are considering refinishing your bathtub in Jacksonville FL, Bathtub Makeover Wizards have expert technicians in your area,

You have more choices than you could ever imaging with counter top basins! As the name suggests, this particular type of product doesn't sit into an opening in the counter. Instead, it actually sits on the counter. With that in mind, you can get the size you want and the shape you want. There isn't a predetermined size and shape of a hole you have to work within.

Multiple options, expensive product and expert installation are the reasons why you should make a well-informed buying decision. Choose a bathtub that fits your requirement and complements the bathroom space.

The first thing that you should consider while choosing a bath curtain for kids is the color of the curtain. Usually, boys get mesmerized with colors like sky blue, lemon yellow and light green. On the other hand, girls like pink, red, orange and violet. Hence, you may ask your kids about their favorite colors before starting your shower curtain hunt.

You could also have colorful small baskets on one or two shelves with your family's personal grooming items like shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, or gel, and more. Use a towel rod to hang up colorful towels that compliment your decor. Put up a toothbrush holder. So many little changes can make a big difference.

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