Bathtub Resurfacing Charleston WV – Colored Porcelain, Enameled & Acrylic Costs

Bathtub Resurfacing Charleston WV - Colored Porcelain, Enameled & Acrylic Costs

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How Much Money Will I Save With Refinishing in Charleston WV?

There are considerable savings to be made by refinishing your bathtub rather than replacing it with a new one.

The typical cost of refinishing an average bathtub is about $500 compared to $3,000 for replacement. This is mainly due to the work involved and the high labor costs.

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Try These Ways For Updating Your Bathroom

Changing a few faucets or replacing a couple of light bulbs can be considered a DIY job. But, if you are looking for a complete bathroom makeover, it is advisable to contact an experienced bathroom renovation contractor.

He will help you in obtaining relevant permits from the local government. It means that you will be able to avoid additional cost of rework.

Further they are exceptionally hygienic, which is something you want throughout your home. Germs can be wiped away with ease, but the ceramic isn't porous, so it doesn't absorb bacteria, which is a major benefit.

You want something in your home that you can count on, so ensure you purchase a high quality sink from a top supplier who can guarantee that the product you are purchasing is genuine ceramic, so you can make your purchase with confidence.


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The shower is one place most people would not dream of having wooden surfaces. However, it works great for decks and docks where there is a constant shift from dry and wet.

As with the ceiling planks, you want to ensure that all the pieces are sealed with linseed oil or urethane. After which, you can easily lay it over a standard shower with a poured and sealed shower pan.

You can also breathe new life into an existing shower floor by placing it directly over the existing tile. There are many choices for lumber with this idea. Pine, cedar, and Douglas fir work well.

Bathroom vanities greet us every morning as we brush our teeth, shave, and get ready for the day. Every morning, the reflection of a unique individual gazes back from the mirror, why not make the vanity itself as unique as the individual. Try repurposing one of these items of furniture for the washroom and imbue your morning routine with a touch of originality.

What do you want it to look like? Any number of these bathroom sink units can change the look of your bathroom easily. Do you want something that is retro or one that is plain and fits with anything?

Do you want one of the trendy styles to give your bathroom a newer look? Think about the other decor you have in place. Will it remain or do you plan to change that too?

Another way to get more space is to install corner cabinets under the corner sink. They have to be the right dimension and you may need to get them customized.

Sometimes, you can buy a complete unit that has both. Don't let the space under the basin though just be open and unusable. Always maximize what you have access to and put it to use.

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