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The Benefits of  Bathtub Refinishing in Columbus OH

Refinishing your bathtub is a cheaper alternative to replacing your soiled bathtub when remodeling your bathroom. And best of all your reglazed bathtub will look as good as a brand new tub.

Not only is refinishing your bathtub a cheaper alternative, it ca n be done much quicker and with less disruption. Refinishing can easily be done in a day while tub replacement could up to a week or more.

As a rough guide you can refinish a vintage bathtub for between $400 and $800 depending on the condition of the tub and any other special requirements. In all cases resurfacing will only cost you a fraction of the replacement price, which can be anywhere between $1,200 and $5,000.

Also, you don't have to worry about re-tiling, additional plumbing or the expense of disposing the old tub.

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Try These Bathroom Makeover Tips

Examples of possible basin types are full pedestal basins, counter top basins, semi pedestal basins, wall hung basins and semi recessed basins. If your bathroom is rather tight, you may like a nice wall hung basin that won't interfere with the rest of your space very much.

If you're interested in giving your bathroom a traditional and timeless charm, you may like a lovely full pedestal basin. If you make a point to be cautious, finding a great basin for your bathroom shouldn't be too stressful and time-consuming a task. When you design your bathroom, you should also concentrate on bidet taps, bath taps and basin taps.

Next, you must decide on what kind of design you are looking for and the functionality you want to achieve within that during this renovation process. Once that has been established, considering the tile colors, designs, materials etc. is the next step. Consider all components in the bathroom when selecting the right tiles. Consider the bathroom wall colors, the faucet and sink styles, cabinet color/style, and the tub.


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The wall hung basins offer great flexibility. Because they are mounted to the wall, you are not restricted on height. If you have younger children at home, you may decide to mount the basin lower down, making it easier for the children when it comes to brushing their teeth and washing their hands.

If you have a taller family and you usually find that the bathroom sink is too low, then you can mount your wall hung basin higher, making it more convenient for the whole family.

While the natural design is not the newest idea in town, its grandeur and beauty should always be something households enjoy. For this type, the style depends largely upon the individual, but experts can always be a great source of inspiration and advice.

Some people may enjoy the appearance of nature while others enjoy every aspect of nature and its processes. Picking between real and fake nature is not a significant decision in terms of style, but more so on the labor of preservation.

There are so many different shades of white, you don't have to go with a brilliant white. Of course while going light colors, you also don't' want to fall into the trap of making the space look clinical. Consider black and white tiles for the floor to add some character to the space with light colored walls to give the perception that the bathroom is bigger than it really is.

Modern design can completely transform your home from something plain and boring into a space that you really want to show off. One of the most popular modern bathroom design trends of the moment is frameless shower doors.

These gorgeous shower doors blend seamlessly with areas around them, and your beautiful bathroom will not be cut up by clunky frames. However, choosing the right contractor to redesign your shower enclosures is very important, or you could end up hating your new bathroom. Here are some tips on choosing the right contractor for your frameless doors.

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