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Hidden Bathtub Refinishing & Replacement Costs in Birmingham AL

Costs are not so much as hidden, but it is extremely important that you are aware of the important factors influencing the costs.

Although we are concentrating on the costs of refinishing it is worthwhile to remember that replacement costs are considerably higher. Although the replacement tub is relatively cheap (about $300), the major costs are:

* Disposal of the old tub
* Replacement tiles and grouting
* Additional plumbing
* More labor costs

Some refinishing cost factors are:

* Condition of the old tub
* Color matching requirements

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More Tips to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Setting up a new shower head is one task that will not cost a lot, require you to solder pipe in cramped corners or result in an outrageous expense from a plumbing contractor. So if you have not changed your shower head in the last five years, it's time for an upgrade. There are lots of excellent shower heads and portable designs on the marketplace that will make your morning a lot better-- and save water to boot.

Finally, from a design standpoint, look at sinks first. There are a variety of models to choose from, including vintage, modern, retro, sleek, tall, stout, etc. The possibilities are endless, and the sink will set the tone for the rest of your bathroom.

If you want to make spending time in your bathroom a relaxing experience, then you should select products and fixtures for it very carefully. This involves a lot more than just looking at beautiful choices in baths, too.


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Are you going to want a tub, shower or a combination of the two? In this day and age, you can buy faucets with a bunch of different settings: sprays, raindrops, hand-held and many more. You can even turn your bathroom into a steam room! Or you can stick with the tried and true basic faucet. Either way, your bathroom can be as close to an at-home spa experience as you want, or it can remain traditional and functional.

It is important that you buy these tubs from a reputed store only. Even if you are planning to buy online, you should go to a store first to try on a few models to make sure that they are comfortable and suit your needs.

Bathroom sink units are a practical solution that allows you to have some shelving around and under the sink area. This gives you room for towels, extra toilet paper, toiletries, and much more. Most of them offer cabinet doors so you can keep your items private and out of sight. Yet they are easy to access when you need them.

Another area of freedom you will appreciate with counter top basins is you can get the shape you really want. This includes round, square, and rectangle. The shape is only one part of the dimensions though. You can also select how deep you want the item to be. Look around and make comparisons so you can get results you are very happy with.

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