Bathtub Reglazing Louisville KY – Vintage Standalone Cast Iron Clawfoot Quotes

Bathtub Reglazing Louisville KY - Vintage Standalone Cast Iron Clawfoot Quotes

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Can Scratches Be Removed By Refinishing in Louisville KY?

One of the great advantages of bathtub refinishing is it's ability to remove many of the imperfections in the surface of your old tub.

Things like scratches, chips, small cracks and rust marks can all be removed by reglazing your bathtub.

If you live in the Louisville KY area then  visit us if you would like to know more about refinishing your bathtub.

Take a Look At These Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Freestanding bathtubs can provide the user with complete versatility. This is very easy to install and also they don't require a special faucet during the process of drilling.

There are also many different designs that can come with a sloped back for providing extra comfort. This is the best type of bathtub and as a result it is used around the world.

You can buy bathroom mirror cabinets in a variety of sizes. If you need one that isn't a common size, don't worry. There are providers who can custom make them to fit your specifications.

Carefully measure the space you have so you can get the dimensions that are right for your needs. You can also ask a professional to come in and complete the measurements for you.


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If you are looking to reglaze your old tub then Bathtub Makeover Wizards are worth a call.

Spend some time in the bathroom taking measurements so you know what the dimensions are. You need to make sure the products you buy to fit in there are going to work well.

The last thing you want is to get them home and then the oak bathroom furniture doesn't fit like you thought it would.

Focus on where you want your taps to be located. Are you having two taps or a mixer? Where is the water inlet and what is going to work best of your design?

Bear in mind that some basins are fitted for a single fitting only, so ensure you have some idea in mind of what you want before you start your search.

Particularly if space is limited and an expansion is not feasible, the appropriate renovation would be possible with the optimum use made of the available room.

Expanding upwards if the ceiling is tall enough would facilitate wall mounted cabinets and shelves that take the fuss out of storage.

But no matter what type of bathroom you end up with, there will be plenty of decisions to make along the way. Here are a few things you should consider before you begin to remodel your bathroom:

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